Museum of the Weird

Last week I was in Austin, Texas, visiting my cousin and wanted to check out this museum I’d heard of on 6th Street, the Museum of the Weird. I wasn’t expecting much, to be completely honest, mostly because I hadn’t actually ever really hard of this museum except for in a random Google search when I was looking at museums in Austin for a completely different reason. It sounded interesting and like something I might want to check out when I was in town.

So my cousin and I made our way to the museum on a Friday afternoon, not too hard to find. We were a little surprised to hear about a new exhibit they had on display, which if we wanted to see we had to pay an extra 3 bucks, so instead of paying 8 we paid 12 each, not a big deal, so we could see some “Iceman” exhibit neither of us had ever heard of.

It wasn’t on the website when I’d looked it up, but I’d also looked up the museum in June and we were told the exhibit had only just opened about two weeks earlier. Pretty cool, yeah? So that was cool. And it gave us something to do.

So the museum itself isn’t very big. It’s pretty much a hallway with a lot of dead animals in cases with two heads and stuff. Kind of gross and I guess exactly what you’d expect to find in a place like that. There were some cool, really old skulls on display from like ancient primates or whatever, and I’m a nerd so that was cool. There was a Nile monitor they keep there, she was pretty cool because I’ve always wanted one as a pet, along with a bearded dragon and an iguana, both of which I have owned as pets before myself.

We did get to check out the Iceman exhibit, which was probably the coolest part of the entire museum. Worth 12 dollars? I don’t know. Maybe. We were some of the first people to get to see it though, since at that point it had only been open for about two weeks, so that’s kind of cool. I am kind of bummed that I didn’t take any pictures of it, but honestly, I’m not sure you’d be able to see much. It’s a person/creature/thing frozen in ice and looking at him through the door of a freezer makes it a little difficult to photograph. He definitely had some gnarly teeth though, probably the most prominent feature about him.

After our few minutes staring at the dead thing in a freezer in a sweltering, dark little room, we were led upstairs for a ‘freak show’. This consisted of a single man who used a bullwhip to put out a candle and then grabbed an electric wire to conduct a strong electric current through his body so he could make a light bulb light up by touching it.  That was the whole show, literally. Except him asking if people wanted to get a shock and then asking for tips.

The only freak part of the show was the thought of the man getting electrocuted. And the guy himself was a self-proclaimed freak. He claimed he was one of the only still working freaks in the world. The only freaky part I noticed was his facial hair his ability to conduct electricity. I was a little curious to know how he figured out that was possible but whatever.

Then that was over, we walked back through the hall of dead animals and hung out in the gift shop for a little while, bought some incense because I was out and then we left.

It was an interesting place, to say the least. I was hoping for a little more on the weird and paranormal side of things but for 12 bucks, I guess it wasn’t a huge loss. And it did have its redeeming qualities, mainly the Iceman and the cute reptiles roaming around.

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