An Introduction

Paranormal, it is something out of the ordinary. Things that fall under that category are typically things like ghosts, demons, monsters or whatever sort of creature like that. Bigfoot or the Loch Ness or other creatures of that nature. Things I don’t really believe in. And trust me, I went hunting for Nessie once, it might have only been for a day but I was there and I went around that entire lake loch, looking for a beastie to pop out of the water. Sadly, it didn’t happen, found some rogue sheep that didn’t want to get out of the road when they were blocking the car though. Not a big deal though.loch ness monster1

What I’m more interested in though, are things of the ghost/spirit nature. Haunted houses, demonic possessions, fun things like that. Maybe I’m interested because it’s just something that is kind of cool in theory. Most people, even if they won’t admit it, are curious about what happens to you after you die and wonder if ghosts are real on some level. Haunted houses and stuff, its kind of fun to check out. Ghost hunting!

scared kidsI can’t say that I believe or don’t believe, one way or the other. I haven’t actually made a decision on that. But it is a fun thing to think about. Just like wondering if there is a Loch Ness monster or mermaids or whatever. It’s fun and sometimes, it can be pretty interesting. I also like science and so things that aren’t confirmed or denied by science, you know, the UNEXPLAINABLE, it’s interesting.

Everyone, or at least most normal people, grew up hearing and telling ghost stories, local legends, whatever to scare others and yourselves. Maybe you didn’t always believe the stories, and hey, maybe you did or still do even, I’m not judging. Who’s to say they aren’t true?ghost girl by window

Also, like I said, ghost hunting is fun because there is always that slight feeling of unease and fear that you might actually just find something. I’m no expert on any of that, but I do like to go and check things out. Seeing is believing, after all. And maybe not seeing is, not believing?

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